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The What Ifs of Building an Online Course Business

Being the Boss

By now, you might have noticed that I have been discussing the online course business on my previous posts – how to transition from 1-on-1 clients to online course creator and even how much online creators really make. It’s because I stand by the merits of creating online courses to reach more people and boost your business.  

Creating an online course is the perfect way for you to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise on your field, and who doesn’t want to do business with an expert, right? That in itself is one of the biggest reasons why an online course can be considered essential for any entrepreneur nowadays. Add to that the fact that the digital learning industry is one that’s here to stay. If you want to make a bigger impact or share your knowledge with a wider audience, being an online course creator is the way to do it. 

But, it’s perfectly understandable for you to feel a little apprehensive or uncertain about embarking on the journey of digital course creation. That’s why on this post, I want us to get everything on the table – all those fears, concerns, and doubts that you have – so that we can go through each of them one by one. 

I wanted to share this with you because when I went through my own online course creation process, I had a lot of these what-ifs myself. I’m hoping that by walking through these with you, you will start to realize that there are really good ways for you to overcome some of those concerns or worries.  

Inside the video

Here are some of the what-ifs that I’ll be discussing in detail: 

  • What if my topic sucks? 
  • What if no one buys my online course? 
  • Now, what if I’m a mess on video? 
  • What if I suck at tech? 

Watch the video and find out how to overcome these what-ifs so that you can start your own journey into building an online course business. Because, believe me, you have what it takes.