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This podcast is for you if:

  • You don’t feel like you fit into the cookie cutter world of banking and investing
  • You’re out there turning passion projects into true change-making endeavors 
  • You’re an entrepreneur who is writing your own rules 
  • You’re just starting your online business journey
  • You’ve built a successful business and are ready to make that money work for you to create change 

It’s time to disrupt the almighty dollar 

Money affects all areas of our life so no topic is off-limits. Every week, we’ll cover subjects ranging from the rise of cryptocurrency to having a better relationship with the IRS.

You’ve got questions - We’ve got answers. 

Every episode features real-world money questions from you, our listeners.

Worried about shame or judgment? There’s none of that here. We make talking about the money stuff less cringey and more accessible. 

  • What are your money struggles? 
  • What do you feel completely clueless about when it comes to the money stuff?
  • How do you want to use your money to disrupt the status quo?

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