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How To Go From 1-on-1 Clients to Online Course Creator

Being the Boss

Let me admit something right off the bat. Not all of the advice I’ll be giving you in this post is from my personal experience. Some of it is from what I’ve seen clients and mentors do. For those of you who have known and followed me for a while, you already know that I had a very different business before I became an online course creator. For those who don’t, let me tell you that it actually started with this blog.  

I started blogging because I was on these Facebook groups of mostly online business owners and I would see people ask about money stuff in their businesses. These people would either get really bad advice or no one would really answer the question, and I thought, hey, I know how to answer these questions. So, I started blogging to funnel both my rage at the bad advice that people are getting and to get my knowledge about biz money out there for everyone to see if they need it. 

The turning point

After doing this for about a few months, I started thinking if this could be a business by itself. I began to take on people for one-hour 1-on-1 calls to discuss the money stuff in their business. Eventually, I even acted as CFO for some of them, which is okay but not something I really loved. 

By December of that year, I started paying attention to someone that I’ve been following for a while, Amy Porterfield. She was talking on her podcast about online courses and to be honest, I didn’t really have great thoughts about it at first. The online course thing didn’t seem like a real business to me, but then, you should know that I was coming out of a very traditional and formal financial career.   

Want to know what changed my mind? Watch the video to learn more about my story and the steps you can take to transition from handling 1-on-1 clients to rockstar online course creator! 

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