Outgrowing your spreadsheet system?  

Most business owners know they need to keep track of the money stuff, and they create a spreadsheet with the best of intentions. But then life happens and soon, it’s been months since you’ve touched that spreadsheet. You’ve got dozens of sales to enter, expenses to categorize, and revenue to allocate. It’s time to take your accounting out of Excel and online with Wave Apps. 

A real business needs a real accounting solution 

Many clients come to me with businesses that started as hobbies and grew into legitimate money makers. If that sounds familiar and you need to up your accounting game, getting started with online bookkeeping is an awesome first step. The Waves App, an online accounting service is a great way to get organized and stay on top of the money stuff everyday. 

The first step is usually the hardest to take. That’s why we’re taking that step for you! We’ll get your money stuff moved over to Wave Apps and then train you on how to use it. You’ll also get 30 days of unlimited access to ask me questions via Voxer and the client portal! 

We’re here to help you set up your online bookkeeping right from the start.

why wave apps?

Wave Apps is a full service financial software that handles accounting, invoicing, payments, and payroll. In short, it has just about everything any business owner needs to handle the money stuff. 

It is a great solution for online business owners, digital product based business owners, service based business owners and you could easily run a million dollar business with Wave Apps. It works best for businesses that don’t have large amounts of inventory or product lines to track. 

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Let's get started. What’s included in the bookkeeping packages?

this package includes:

Categorization and review of all 2022 transactions

Monthly Reconciliation of synced accounts for 2022 *up to 3 accounts 

Bookkeeping Clean-Up    

Unlimited Access to ask questions for 30 days

2022 Bookkeeping Clean Up

Year-end Summary report of accounts

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Pay in full

One time payment

2023 Bookkeeping Set Up


Set up of one Wave account 

Set up of up to 3 synced bank or credit card accounts

Establish Asset, Liability, Revenue & Expense Categories

Walk-through Video Introducing you to your Wave Account

Unlimited Access to ask questions  for 30 days

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2023 Bookkeeping Monthly Maintenance 


Monthly reconciliation of up to 3 bank/credit card accounts in Wave 

Semi-Monthly categorization of transactions from up to 2 bank/credit card accounts, up to 300 transactions/month 

Monthly financial reports 

Quarterly Check-in Calls 

Unlimited Access to ask questions

Assistance with Form 1099 and 1096 reporting 

per month

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