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Podcast: Rich, White Guys Make Crappy Financial Advisors


Katy Chen-Mazzara joins us on the show today to help us explain why taking financial advice from privileged white guys is not the move. That’s right- we’re doing a deep dive into the not-so-wise words of Dave Ramsey. Meg and Katy chat about the nuances that financial advisors like Ramsey completely gloss over to create one-size-fits-all programs that really fit nobody. 

Join us as we discuss:

  • The hypocrisy and double standards of “advisors” like Dave Ramsey 
  • Why debt isn’t automatically a dirty word 
  • What is involved in creating generational wealth
  • The worst piece of Dave Ramsey financial “advice” at 30:00
  • Navigating job loss while keeping your finances afloat 
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Katy Chen Mazzara, a graduate of UC Berkeley’s Personal Financial Planning Program, holds certification as a trauma-informed Master financial wellness coach. As a former freelance TV producer and award-winning documentary filmmaker, Katy understands the balance between dreaming and doing. She helps creative freelancers and entrepreneurs release generational traumas and fears so that they can find emotional and financial freedom.

You can learn more about Katy on her website, follow her on Instagram @katychenmazzara. You can find retreat information here.  


About the podcast

This podcast is hosted by Meg K. Wheeler, CPA and Biz Money Coach and Founder of the Equitable Money Project. Meg is certainly on a mission to turn online educators, service providers, and coaches from Not Numbers People into Badass Money Makers. Are you ready to Disrupt Your Money? Learn more about Meg and the Equitable Money Project here!

We intend this podcast for informational and educational purposes only and so do not offer it as professional financial advice. 


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