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Money Moves to Make When the World is On Fire

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Soulacy Magazine recently published my article titled “Money Moves to Make When the World Is On Fire”. Because- spoiler alert: the world is actually on fire.

If you’re feeling a little bit (or a lot) hopeless about the state of the world today, I highly recommend that you check out this special issue all about money. It will empower you and remind you that there is always at least one next, right thing to do. 

Colorfully painted magazine cover of Soulacy Magazine displayed on an iPad on a marble backdrop surrounded by a pen, cup of coffee, and succulent plant

There’s a lot going on in the world right now. Between a looming economic crisis, the fall of abortion healthcare protections, and the devastating effects of the climate crisis that are being felt daily with wildfires, heat waves and increases in flooding, it can feel like the world is on fire (and in some places, it literally is).

While your attention may be more focused on navigating today’s challenges, it’s critically important to turn some of that focus towards your money and the moves you should be making in the midst of all this turmoil.

MEG K. Wheeler, “Money Moves to MAke when the world is on fire”

Soulacy Magazine’s Money Issue** contains 130 pages of wealth, money, investing, profits, manifesting and more. All of these feature women entrepreneurs from around the world. The magazine’s mission is to inspire, showcase, and support soulful and purposeful women on their journey of creating a legacy through entrepreneurship. Because they believe when women come together, magic happens.​ 

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