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What To Do If You Get a Notice From the IRS


One of the things that no one ever wants to see in the mailbox is an IRS notice. But if you happened to receive one – don’t panic (or move it back to the pile, hoping it’ll disappear on its own, no matter how tempting that may be)! 

It’s not surprising at all if a lot of people get notices from the IRS especially after tax time. And we have just come out of one of the hardest tax seasons in history – the 2020 tax season. It was tough for several reasons, the biggest one being the COVID-19 pandemic, which spurred on a lot of tax law changes and delays.  

I know a lot of people tend to freak out upon receiving an IRS notice, but this is actually a pretty routine thing. Inside the video, I talked about the steps that you can take if you happen to see one in the mail, as well as some important tips to keep in mind. 

Types of Notices:

Here are the types of notices that you might receive: 

  • CP2000 – Notice of Proposed Adjustment (NOT A BILL) 
  • CP14 – Notice of Balance Due (A BILL) 
  • Letter 12C – Information Request 
  • CP01 – Identity Theft 
  • Letter 3391 – 30-Day Non-Filer Letter 
  • Letter 2205 – Return Selected for Examination (Audit)
  • CP2501 – Tax Return Discrepancy 
  • Letter 525 – Examination Report 
  • Letter 3219 – Notice of Deficiency 
  • CP90 – Final Notice of Intent to Levy 

Common Reasons the IRS Will Contact You:

  • You have a balance due  
  • The IRS has a question about your return 
  • The IRS needs to verify your identity 
  • You are owed a different refund amount than was shown on your return
  • The IRS needs additional information 
  • They are proposing a change to your return 
  • The IRS is notifying you of a delay in processing your return 

Watch the video above to learn more about the right course of action you need to take when you get a notice from the IRS. But the most important thing to remember when you see that IRS notice in the mailbox is this: don’t panic! 

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